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Wonderful Tales

A Harry Potter Fanfiction Recommendation Community

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Welcome to mirus_fabulas! This community is for Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations of all categories. Watch for more details, as this is a brand new community.

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&__ Every month or so, I will post a genre of Harry Potter fanfiction (whether it be Dark/Angsty, a specific pairing, or specific "requirements"), and members will post one story per month that they think is worthy of recognition. These stories will be archived for futher reference.
&__ If you post a story that does not meet the months requirements, it will be deleted.
&__ When posting a story, please use this form:

Author: (link to their author page, if possible)
Warnings: (if applicable)

&__ This community will only be accepting G-R rated fictions. No NC-17, sorry.
&__ PROMOTE! Promote this community! We want members! :D

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I will probably be needing a couple people to help moderate, so keep your eyes open for a position. ;)

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If you would like to become an affiliate, post here.